About Dr. Don


I’ve always believed in excellence, whether I was “Teacher of the Year” after only three years or whether I managed the marketing and training segment of the largest (at the time) global product launch in the history of the Eastman Kodak Company.  We came in on-time and under-budget, with no in-house staff other than my administrative assistant.  It wasn’t magic, but I call it a planned miracle.  Of course, that is expected nowadays.

Don Peden BLUE

I’ve had the privilege of coaching C-level officers of Fortune 100 companies as they implemented major change initiatives, be those changes mergers and acquisitions, downsizings or new IT implementations to name a few. I’ve transformed a successful training group at LSI Logic into a tight, agile team of OD consultants, focused relentlessly on enabling GMs and their teams to achieve their most critical goals as their organizations became dynamic and resilient profit-centers.

I’ve led audiences of 5,000 and leadership teams of 5 on a journey to become the business leaders, teachers/administrators, government management/employees and military officers they always dreamed of and their organizations needed them to be.

And I’ve designed, developed, produced, implemented and evaluated training that targets performance issues like a laser beam and motivates the heart to be all it was designed to be.  Come join me as I apply my experience to new and different opportunities that might scare the average, but only draw excellence out of the untapped.

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