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Why start working out at 50?


So we can dance in the rain……..AGAIN!!!!

In our 20s we’re often times in the best shape of our lives.  In our 30s many of us are working super hard, making decent money, raising families and filling out our clothes beyond their intended capacities.  In our 40s we finally start to realize a slide downhill.  And by the time we get to our 50s we’re ready to do something about it.  The career has moved along, the kids are “starting” to venture out on their own (please!!!) and we FINALLY have some time to devote to ourselves.  You really don’t want to work the rest of your life, do you.  But why start now?  I don’t want to have the body beautiful.  Its too much trouble.  I don’t want and can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound.  I just want to walk around the block an not be out-of-breath.  I want to enjoy life.  Here’s why.  Because if we don’t do something ALL the traditional problems with being 60 and 70 and 80 will come crashing down way before their time. We will have lost a decade, or more, and there’s very little we will be able to do about it.  Our balance freaks out and we break an ankle simply stepping off the curb.  Six weeks back on the sofa.  Our internal body chemistry goes haywire and we start taking all types of medications to “try” to get things back to normal and not die before we’re 60 or 70.  But, we end up taking a pill that counteracts the side effects of the initial medication and we take another pill to counteract the effects of the second and on and on and on.  But there’s a better reason why.  Many people can really reverse the upward rise of our A1C and we can stop racing toward diabetes.  We can regain our balance and agility that ever so slowly dwindled away after “relaxing” on the sofa …… another night and we can walk with dignity and not in fear of falling “and we can’t get up’.  We want to finally put our carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment   ALL   BY   OURSELVES   and not depend on a child flight attendant to embarrass the heck out of us with “Would you like some help with that Sir or Ma’am”.  Its time you started the climb back to being human and living life rather than fearing it. It’s time to grow up … again.  THAT’S WHY!!!!

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