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Them Bones Gonna Rise Again…

images.png  #1 of 4 tools to keep us functioning for years and years to come.  

I know some of you are not big fans of chiropractors, BUT in my option and experience, a good chiropractor is worth his/her weight in gold.  I go to a chiropractor once a week for a tune-up and it makes 100% difference in my functioning.  All those aches and pains just aren’t there to the degree they were before I did this. Its not all due to old athletic injuries and other aggressive activities.  Heavens, sitting all day is worse for you than any sports injury.  No matter what you do for work or play you need tog get up and move around at least every 90 minutes.

I don’t wait until I have a problem.  I go weekly so I don’t have a problem.  Since doing this I haven’t had an issue in 11 years. Many chiropractors are more than happy to work out a plan that can fit into your budget.  What price is your health, anyway.

Chiropractors do a lot more than manipulate your spine.  Most know the body from a holistic perspective.  A good one can keep us functioning from a nutritional perspective, ot to mention my attitude and mental health.  What it can do for your immune system is amazing.

If you’re going to exercise at all I would recommend chiropractic to everyone.  Yes, some believe they can solve world hunger, but as a tool for keeping me mobile, flexible, pain-free and healthy, mine is AMAZING!!!

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