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Stiff joints and PAIN – “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble”… THE BIG 4 brew.

As we get past the age of 50 we often start to stiffen-up, develop chronic pain from general injuries or arthritis, gain weight and recover more slowly from exercise (if we do it at all).  As we exercise we tend to initially get sore, which makes us not want to keep doing it.  Sometimes we develop new injuries and recovery is sooooooo slow.  What’s a girl or guy to do?  We’ve tended to focus on resting, wrapping, elevation and taking pain medications, but that’s no way to live.

I went to one orthopedic doctor and after he did all his tests and hmmms and haws he said, “There is very little you can do other than take a larger doses of ibuprofen”.

OMG!!!  My stomach replied.

I chimed in with “Is there any thing I can do besides medications to reduce the pain, increase my range-of-motion, increase my flexibility?”.

He shrugged.

So, I just have to get old and die, right.”

No response.

I went on a mission to see what was possible, financially manageable and did not involve dancing around a cauldron and drinking an aperitif of eye of newt, leg of toad and witches whiskers.

I’ve got four suggestions that I’ve found make a huge difference for me.  They reduce inflammation, increase range-of-motion, increase flexibility, minimize osteo-arthritis reduce that horrible aching we get when we start an exercise regimen, help me recover faster from injuries I know I’m going to get and actually help me lose some weight. “Can you hear me now?”  Sounds like it heals “corns, calluses, bunions and sore feet too”.  Not exactly.  I call them “THE BIG 4.”  Read the next posts to find what the BIG 4 are … starting tomorrow. One each for the next 4 days.

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