Inspirational Stories / Nutrition

Personal Testimony

I had to write this. I think I have been allergy to a number of things since birth. On that we never seemed to do much about was gluten. Its in everything a male American wants to eat, except steak. (That is a slight exaggeration.) I’ve involved in health and fitness all my life. One day I found a business card tucked under my windshield wiper. I can stand it when people do that. BUT, for some reason I checked the place out, less than a block away, Weezie’s Kitchen. I had one sandwich to eat in and one to-go. STOP!!!!! Now is when I should have started clearing my throat. I didn’t. I didn’t cough either. My nose didn’t run. I just went on about my day. OK, call it placebo effect or freak occurrence but I kept up the next few meals. I had lasagna, quiche, chicken cordon blue, hamburger ….. all with salad, bread and all kinds of good things. I even had some brownies. I never coughed. One more comment, I went on for 3 weeks and lost 2 inches off my waistline. Hmmmmmmmm. So, call it what you will. I’m happy and healthy now.

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