Pros and Cons of Drinking Coconut WATER


Dr. Zorba Paster: The pros and cons of coconut water

According to, my favorite go-to website for supplement information, all coconut water is not the same. Because it’s a natural product, it varies in potency. Therefore, the labels are just an approximation of the nutrients.

In any case, it will replenish the calories you burn when playing sports. It also replaces some of the electrolytes you lose through sweat.

But there are other claims for coconut water I think are just quack. It won’t help you lose weight, fight cancer, stop aging or think faster. And while it does contain phosphorous, magnesium and Vitamin C, they’re in minuscule amounts not even worth mentioning.

My spin: Coconut water is a good alternative to artificial drinks such as Gatorade, and calorie-laden natural drinks, such as orange juice. But in the end, the claims they make for this new kid on the block are simply overstated.

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