You’re Not a Cow. Cut Some Salt From Your Diet.

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 1.20.15 PM

Problems with too much salt:

– Fluid Retention

– High Blood Pressure

– Major increase or decreases in urination

– Increase in thirst

According to GIna Roberts-Grey of Next Avenue, Americans eat about twice as much salt (Sodium) as recommended by the American Heart Association.  So, how do you cut back?

Eat oatmeal for breakfast – Top it with fresh berries. Now there’s virtually no sodium.

– Drop the pizza – You can get ALL your daily salt from two slices of a 14-inch pepperoni pizza.  Make it yourself, salt free OR eat one piece OR do without once.

Eat out less – cut our sodium intake in half. 

– Use salt substitutes It will cut your salt intake by 20%.   Try Kosher salt, turmeric, fresh basil, dried herbs, olive oil, lemon juice, wine and vinegar, garlic or ginger.  Mrs. Dash is a good brand. 

– Minimize processed foods in general – Eat fresh chicken.

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